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Optimization of Almond Fruit Wood Development

Through Nutrition & Vascular Means

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John Slaughter, Field Representative, Director of Breeding Program, Burchell Nursery

Jim White, PCA, CCA, Beyond Agronomics, Independent Consultant


Recorded: Friday, November 8, 2013

(60-Minute Session)




Session Description

Industry leaders John Slaughter and Jim White provide an in-depth explanation of the role nutrition and vascular tissue play in developing almond fruit wood.



About John Slaughter

John works in the field around Fresno and to the south. Way south. All the way to Chile. You see, John’s not just a field representative for Burchell, he’s a major force behind our breeding program. So he’s working with growers and breeders from Chile to Australia, Spain to South Africa, anywhere the climate is similar to California’s. He’s been with us for 25 years, and with our breeding program from its start in 1989. John’s work includes development of trans-hemispheric varieties of perishable tree fruits and self-fertilizing almonds (to reduce dependence on bees). With a degree in biology and so much hands-on plant genetics experience, you can definitely count on John to help you determine the best varieties for your acreage. And he’s happy to assist, because he views what he does as not only helping growers provide food, but also improving the world by providing jobs, wealth, creating oxygen and stabilizing atmospheric wind patterns. Besides, he just likes to be helpful.


About Jim White

James M. White, Beyond Agronomics Inc., PCA, CCA, Independent Consultant, has worked since 1982 in the Central Valley, specializing in Pest Management, Plant Nutrition, and Plant Metabolic Response. He has been working with Soil Basics since 1995 on research and development, product formulations, and developing nutrient programs for conventional and organic stone fruit, nut, field crops, row crops, grapes, and citrus.



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